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Shrimaan Sant Baba Gurdeep Singh Ji
जीवन परिचय

जन की महिमा केतक बरनउ जो प्रभ अपने भाणे।।
कहु नानक जिन सतिगुरु भेटिआ से सभ ते भए निकाणे।।

The land of Punjab is blessed and pious where all the ten gurus significantly visited with their holiness and divine presence.The Bhai Daya Singh, first of the Panj Pyare; the first five Sikhs to be initiated into the Khalsa by His holiness Guru Gobind singh JI:succeeded to eleventh place as Shriman Sant Baba Waryaam Singh ji, at holy place of Shri Ratwara Sahib in Chandigarh, who is succeeded by blessed and divine soul and a precious Gem in sikh History Sant Baba Gurdeep Singh Ji,who devoted his life to serve human and mankind by teaching and preaching the Gurbani and transformed the lives of many sikhs.
जग महि उतम काढीअहि विरले केई केइ
Bhai sahib bhai Gurdaas ji narrates the praises which synonymously describe Baba Gurdeep Singh ji who dedicated his pious life in celebrating sikh tradition by following the Gurbani, to dedicate to waheguru and work towards the establishment of the Khalsa. Baba ji insisted to lead a pure and pious life, so as to unite with the Almighty Lord, by chanting the name of lord, Lakhs of the sikhs transformed their lives by receiving Amrit as a holy nectar of “Khanda Batta” and promising Almighty to follow the path of truth and conscious sikhism.
संत भगत गुरसिख हहि है जग तारन आए।।
परउपकारी जगत मैं गुरु मंत्र जपाए।।
जप तप संजम साध करि गुर भगति कमाए।।
तहि सेवक सो परवान है हरि नाम द्रिड़ाए।।
His holiness took birth on August 8, Sunday, 1954; in the early hours of amrit vela at 4 am in the morning,and weighed 1 kilogram 101 grams.Lying on the cotton bed support, did not open eyes for two days continuously and did not even take feed from mother. After four days he appeared in the dreams of his father Bapu Charan Singh JI, giving him the message that He is Gurdeep Singh from village Laddeh in Sialkot. In my previous birth I had already had milk from my mother and now I won't. He asked him to arrange goat’s milk for Him.
It was 4 am in the morning, Bapu ji took bath and reached Gurudwara sahib to bow before Guru Maharaj Ji and consciously recalled the message of the little baby that was given in his dream. Bapu ji went to Bhai Virsa singh and Singhara singh in village who had lots of goats, and requested them for a goat, conveying them the message that they are blessed with a baby boy at home who is not appreciating mothers milk but wishes to take goat's milk,and he had come to them to purchase a milching goat.
They agreed and replied,’we will give the goat and when this one will stop yielding you can come and take another one, we will not take any money.’they added that they would love to serve him and the little baby. They said,’ These all goats are yours. Then why should I take money? You can take them turn by turn leaving the previous one here.
This continued till the age of two and half years till Baba ji started eating langar. After six months Mata Surjit Kaur and Bapu ji took the baby to Sant Baba Jaswant singh ji of Ramdas and made a kind request to name the child and also shared that baby is already telling his name. Sant ji asked them, “Have they come from Sialkot from village Laddeh ,where your son passed away at the age of two and a half years on Sunday and his name was Gurdeep Singh? This baby is same and we name him as Gurdeep Singh.”
Listening to Sant ji, Bapu JI could not stop his tears and wiping his tears again and again and remembering the son and expressing his emotions and saying that he was the divine soul who has come again and has taken birth with a purpose. We truly respect your words and this boy is our son who will be known by the same name Gurdeep Singh.

Let us recall the previous incident which we heard from Bapu ji Bapu Charan Singh ji’s words….. District Sialkot is a pious place where there are five famous gurudwaras. Sri Kartarpur sahib-

The gurdwara was built to commemorate the site where Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism, settled after his missionary work and did farming for 17 years 5 months and 13 days, the longest duration of his life. Guru Nanak founded the Kartarpur town by Ravi River in 1515, ploughing the fields and setting up a community kitchen, or Langar. Kartarpur marks the most significant and constructive phase in the life of Guru Nanak Dev. In 1930, I (Bhai Charan singh Cheema), Bhai Gurbaksh Singh Cheema and Bhai Kartar Singh Cheema made the jattha, use to sing the praises of almighty at different places and do satsang. After seven years of continuous satsang initiated Amrit Sanchaar sewa.

‘‘संतन की सुणि साची साखी।।
सो बोलहि जो पेखहि आखी।।’’

In 1944, Sunday morning, with the first rooster crowding we woke up and the elder son took birth, Sant Attar Singh Namdhari named the son as Gurdeep Singh.Sant ji said that this soul is very divine. This soul needs to listen to the chants of satnam waheguru at least for 24 minutes. (Sant Baba Jagjeet Singh ji Maharaj from Bhaini Sahib gifted the white woollen mala, holy kamandal, and a pair wooden clogs, khadau).
When he grew up to two years three months he use to go around in village and say- veerji sat sri akal ,bhai ji sat sri akal,bapu ji sat sri akal. He used to run around in the village nearby. Fields flourished with crops, cattles also yielded sufficient milk. The village prospered with abundance.
One day Sant Mandli arrived from Haridwar in Sialkot which was headed by Sant Haridaas ji, who kept long hair and wore wooden clogs; there were 15-20 saints in the band (mandli). They were served in best possible ways with milk, langar, two khes, one reja, jaggery and a rupee coin .They stayed there till afternoon.The small boy Gurdeep singh ji came from outside and greeted them all Sat Sri Akal and asked them from where they all had come. They replied, “we have come all the way from Haridwar”.
Listening to this the little boy(Babaji) happily replied- “you have come from Haridwar, even I have arrived from god’s door(hari ka dwar).”

सबर अंदरि साबरी तनु एवै जालेन्हि।।
होनि नजीकि खुदाइ दै भेतु न किसै देन्हि।।

Sant ji was astonished to hear this from the two and half years old boy and gazed at the boy’s hands, legs and forehead and took a deep breath and spoke to Bapu ji- “Bhai Charan Singh JI!
If you don't mind, I would like to tell you the secret. You may call the boy's mother, Mata Surjit Kaur.” When she arrived sant ji said “Surjit Kaurji I am 70 years old and would like to disclose something about the boy. Don’t be annoyed.”
“No-No Maharaj Ji why will we be annoyed? You can say and tell what you have read, we are your sevaks and you are the learned saints.” Sant ji said-“I wish to talk about the child, what is his name?” “He is Gurdeep Singh”,replied his parents. Listening to this, Sant ji sighed and said “Guru ka Deepak (Guru’s lamp) -will lit again after senility.”
Bapu ji said- “sant ji please elaborate …..”
Sant ji said –“I already told you not to get angry and keep patience and be calm, today is Monday, on coming Sunday at 12 noon the BOY will leave for sachkhand. Don’t panic and do not allow tears to flow. Be calm, he is a divine soul and will come back to you again. HE will leave us on Sunday and will come back on Sunday. He will live for 90 years if he stays after 12 noon this Sunday. You all must stay at home, as per my knowledge he would leave us coming Sunday.” Sant Mandli went back leaving the parents of the boy in deep grief.
All the relatives and known family people assembled on Sunday in their house and started playing with the divine boy in their own ways somewhere consoling the parents and assuring that nothing would happen to the boy as he showed no signs of illness. A subedaar had come in the village who used to keep a pocket watch and was told about the forecast .Subedaar said-“I will stay here till 1 PM, nothing will happen to the boy as it is 11am now”. At 11:45, the boy got a fever and went to cot to lay down where Bapu ji was sitting. Bapu ji touched his forehead and said- call the hakim for medicine, I doubt, this as an indicationof sant ji’s prediction about the heavenly abode of the boy. He took the boy in his lap and startedlooking at him asking-“What happened Gurdeep singh?”
The BOY replied ,”nothing to worry pitaji , I have to go and will come again.” Where will you go? He said- “I have to go to the well”.
This way the watch showed 12 noon, and he gave his last words, “I have to go, I will come again, Satnaam Waheguru.”
Within seconds the pious, divine soul left the body, leaving his parents in grief.
“Beta please say something, please speak out.” but the boy was silent. “Beta, what happened? When will you come back? When will you come back?” In tears Bapu ji fell on the bed nearby. Cried severely. Bapu ji was in deep mourning for three to four months,and did not go for satsang. In the evening Chachaji, Vasan Singh ji arrived home to tell that none of the cattles had milched that day. Next day after the funeral,the Boy appeared in the dream of his Mother saying that Mataji please don’t cry, I am surely going to come back soon. Please ask Pitaji also not to cry, tell him that I am going to be back to you, Father Cries when he goes near the well under the trees.

MOTHER’S words ----

Mata ji said that when we lost our son Gurdeep Singh we were like lifeless bodies in deep grief. Every day he would give his message in dream that ,” I AM GOING TO COME BACK”.
In 1947, during the partition of India-Pakistan, a baby girl was born who lived only for two months and passed away. Then Bibi Pritam kaur was born as a daughter to Mata Surjit Kaur and Bapu Charan Singh. She is the elder sister of HIS holiness Baba Gurdeep Singh ji. She is settled and married to Hardev Singh Bajwa in Bholapur. After four years Baba Lakhbir Singh ji took birth who is now residing in Ratwara Sahib, near Chandigarh. Two and a half years later on August 8, 1954, at 4 am on Sunday, HIS Holiness Baba Gurdeep Singh ji took birth,

जनम मरण दुहहू महि नाही जन परउपकारी आए।।
जीअ दानु दे भगती लाइनि हरि सिउ लैनि मिलाए।।

We received his messages every day with his darshan, he used to come along with sangat, he used to do satsang in school. After doing satsang and reciting Sri Anand Sahib he used to come and sit on my lap, says Mata ji. We did not miss his darshan even for a day, his messages were received every day.
That sunday ,he appeared at 1 am with long golden twisted hair on head ,wooden clogs in feet, holding wooden stick in hand ----and said ,”Mata ji, In some time I am coming today only, You will not have to bear any pain.” This was his last message.

Sant Ji from Ramdas used to say,”He will never give pain or troubles to anyone. These words proved to be true in the name of God. He weighed just 1 kg 101 grams when he was born.
Mata ji says, Baba Gurdeep Singh ji used to enjoy and appreciate goat’s milk. He used to keep his eyes closed for 10-10 day’s altogether. Neighbours used to visit the family for Darshan, to admire that the baby does not cry at all and sits silently for hours together. Next door neighbouring family Bibi Taar Kaur whose sons Pritam Singh ,Bhola Singh and Darshan Singh who lives in Jabalpur now a days, use to take the baby boy to their home and make him sit on beautiful clean clothes making request to sing the praises of god with closed eyes so as to bless them all. She loved the baby a lot. Baby is too young to speak. Grew up a little and started talking. He started visiting Gurudwara sahib, bow before Sri Guru Granth Sahib JI maharaj, he used to bring Kadah prashad home and distribute it to all in small portions.

Outside the main gate of the house Mistri Atma Singh lived with his family, elder son Hardev Singh and younger son Savinder Singh who was of the same age as Baba ji. He used to give small portions of kadah prashad to them.

Along with Savinder Singh, HE started going to a newly established school. A teacher from village Ghaniyan ke Bangar named Gurbaksh Singh used to teach students with lots of concern and care.
There is a village Nanak chak which is 1 KM away from Jangle gaon. A boy from there who belongs to the Bedi family named Dharampal joined them. They would sit and study together sharing lunch with each other during recess. After some time teacher Gurbaksh Singh retired and a new teacher from nearby village Hiali-Tangali joined the school. He was 35 years of age. He made the boys stand in a queue and started beating from one end. Baba ji and his friend Dharampal greeted the teacher lovingly by saying “Sat Sri Akal Masterji, we have never been hit by anyone as we are good in studies, you must not beat anyone for no reason.”
Look at my stick made from sheesham tied with anklet bells, stretch your arms and let me beat, I don’t spare anyone. All will get canning from me. Teacher said and added the day before yesterday I had hit class one children,yesterday class 2 children got canning today is your turn ,tomorrow it will be Sunday and Monday will be class 4 and Tuesday class 5 children will be beaten.
Baba ji said,”you must never beat anyone, just pray to god and be god fearing”. Master said, “I don't trust GOD”, saying that he started hitting the children holding the stick in his right hand. After some time school was over and the teacher went back home.
Dharampal Singh said to Babaji--”Veerji the teacher must be punished”. “No brother, why punishment?” said Babaji “Our palms have turned red, is there any remedy?” When he saw his friend in trouble, Baba ji said now onwards the teacher won’t beat anyone.
Then Babaji stood facing Nanak Chak and said the holy prayers and offered ardaas to holiness Sri Chand JI WHO IS THE SON of Guru Nanak Dev JI. “Teacher hit us for no reason, break his right arm into pieces, don’t punish the entire body, and spare his left arm so that he do not starve.” Master did not turn up for the next two weeks. Guests visited Master’s village. Villagers informed them that this teacher is very powerful to control the strongest bulls. He can even stop the harvester and huge machines with his hands. Guests challenged the master to stop the harvester with his hands. If he does so he will be awarded with 5 Rupees. Master was overconfident for his endurance and tried to stop the harvester with hands and got his hand cut in many pieces.
After 15 days when Master went to school with half arm tied with bandages. Baba ji said -

“Master ji Sat Sri Akal, now you can hit us with your left hand, then your left hand will also break along with your legs.”
Teacher apologised and tried to confess and admit his blunder of beating the innocents. Pardon me, Gurdeep Singh and Dharampal Singh I would not beat anyone now onwards. Please forgive me. I won't even beat anyone with my left hand even. Teacher says I heard from old people that in school we never know which child is king in the future,which one is rich or poor. You may be a saint or sadhu, who broke my right arm. I committed a crime by hitting innocent small children. I Promise you I won't do it again. Yes, the future of a child can be learnt once they grow up.
Teacher says,”Ok Sardar ji bless me and favour me, so that I do not make a blunder of hitting anyone and save my left arm.
Gurdeep Singh ji said, “Master ji go back to your village and visit the Gurudwara sahib and take Prashad along and bow before Holy Sri Guru Granth Sahib JI Maharaj and request for pardon.” TRANSL///////
Forefathers of BABA Gurdeep Singh JI…

Forefather of Babaji went to Guru Teg Bahadur Ji and prayed for blessings and continued celebrating gursikhi principles in future years after years.

At that time, Shri Guru Teg Bahadur Ji, blessed this family by a soul, Guranditta ji who was Baba ji’s ancestor. BabaJi’s great grandfather whose name was Bagga Singh had 5 sons and a daughter, Bibi Har Kaur, and great grandmother whose name was Sahib Kaur. The names of five sons were, Bapu Ujagar Singh, Sulakhan Singh,Makhan Singh,Mangal Singh and Vasan Singh.

Bapu Ujagar singh ji was elder brother of Babaji’s grandfather Bapu Makhan Singh ji also used to sing lord’s praises. These five brothers lived together and their home was known as Babe Ka Garh.

Baba JI’s father used to serve sadhu-saints with devotion, love and concern. Bapu Sulakhan singh ji who was younger to Bapu Ujagar Singh passed away when he was a young boy. Younger to him was bapu Makhan singh, grandfather, used to do lots of sewa. There was a well on the main road. Bapu Makhan singh ji(Grandfather) who was a patriotic person and wanted to free India from Britishers. He planted sugarcane near the well and freedom fighters used to hide themselves there. Grandmother used to cook food and bring them there, Bapu Makhan singh Ji used to give them food to eat. Bapu ji once said that there was a britisher rebel who was very well known and had a problem of hiccups. Grandfather brought Hakim, and at that time father was very young. Bapu Makhan singh ji was very generous and humble.

Babaji’s Mother Mata Surjit Kaur who left the world in Bilaspur (U.P) had a family history of serving saints and sadhus. Babaji’s maternal Grandfather was a wrestler, he himself once told Baba Gurdeep singh ji an incident from Pakistan- He said,”when I was kid, a person in his village gave him a vessel and money and asked him to get goat’s meat from a nearby place where they slaughter the goats. He was scared to see the way the goats were being killed for meat. He came back with an empty vessel and said that in his life he never touched meat, eggs or any kind of wine or narcotics. He cannot forget the scary incident of killing the goats. Such a saintly figure was Baba ji’s maternal grandfather.

Babaji’s Mata ji and Pita ji( Bapu Charan singh ji) got married. Bapu ji along with three others used to do Kirtan in Pakistan. Britishers banned the Kirtan saying that this kirtan band speaks against the government they must not be allowed to chant any prayers. In Spite Bapuji continued to do so, singing praises of god and serving the holy nectar ( Khande-Batte ka amrit ) to sadh sangat/followers to bring about transformation in mankind. After the Partition of India-Pak, the family shifted to India leaving everything there in Pakistan. At that time sister Puro was alive. They saw many dead bodies and crossed them to reach India. Family did not have anything, they all came empty handed. Mata Ji found a pillow, she picked it up thinking Puro could lay on it and found that pillow was filled with gold ornaments, someone might have brought it from home and now they have left it here. They must have either run away saving their lives or have been killed. Mata ji threw the pillow away,saying that we left all our belongings in Pakistan, why should we keep this jewel which is not ours. Honourable Mataji was a lady of substance and was conscious about self-respect and self-esteem.

Reached India and had no land to live. At that time some people used to purloin (steal) or some used to do hard work. Sister Puro passed away. Bapuji started working in a factory in Amritsar. Guru Ram Das ji’s blessings were in abundance on Bapuji. His last breath also chanted Guru ji’s name. Bapu ji used to visit Amritsar from Pakistan also. He had strong faith and deep trust in Guru Ram das ji. Bapu ji was a young and strong man,heplayed kabaddi and used to practiceJavelin throw with a single hand. He was 29 years of age ….
One day while going to his workplace a sethani called him in a loud voice--Sardar ji please listen. Bapu ji went to listen to her unknowingly. She said this is a house that belongs to a seth who has lots of wealth and property, he is a cloth merchant, he goes to shop at 9 in the morning and comes back at 10 at night. You may come here and can enjoy the ownership of the house. Sethani tried to tempt Bapuji in all the ways. /kau /aku jkenkl xq# ftfUk flfjvk fruS lokfjvk

Bapuji said-“I am a sikh devotee of Sri Guru Ram Das ji, Sister, He is the father of all of us and you are like my sister”. This incident developed deep respect for Bapu ji. I narrated only one incident, there were many more.

In the year 1948,a year after India-Pak partition, Sister Preetam kaur was born. After her birth the doctor and vaids said that now the couple won’t be blessed with any more kids due to some biological problems. Mother told Baba ji about this later on.
Bapu Ji said ---Guru Ramdas ji will bless us.
Mata Surjit Kaur ji said that ,”doctors are saying that we cannot have babies, but I can see the future, the one who is going to take birth , one who is going to do satsang amidst lakhs of sadh sangat and these doctors are saying that it is not possible to conceive.
On every new moon day Bapu Charan singh ji used to go for darshan to Sri Harimandir Sahib, Amritsar. He used to skip all the household chores on this day. Mata Surjit Kaur used to pay a holy visit to the Samadhi of Baba Budda Sahib ji at Ramdas. At that time Saint Jaswant Singh ji was there. Mata ji used to offer Ardaas for her children. One day Saint ji said you must quench the thirst of the sangat the whole day by doing sewa of running the tap. Mataji keeping the words of sant ji served and did sewa by serving the sangat.
One day Mata ji said that whenever she went to Ramdas sahib for darshan to offer prayers, after completing sewa when she sat amidst sadh sangat a saint wearing white attire, white turban used to say that ,”I am going to come “, This is how time went on…..


The family had strong faith in Guru Granth Sahib, always ready to serve the God’s people. Parents led a life of great people and we inherited the noble virtues and high spirits for serving the sangat. In the year 1965-66 the family shifted to Maniyarkheda, because all the relatives and members of the family settled here. So Baba Ji’s family also came here.

In 1976, Anand Karaj of Bibi Balwinder Kaur and BabajI took place. The day when anand karaj took place, Baba ji chanted and sang praises of Almighty in the evening. Kirtan used to be the real strength as a food to his soul. He expressed his feelings and love for his guru in his Kirtan. In 1973, the Maharaj ji from Shri Rara Sahib visited this place. Babaji was blessed and started doing Kirtan from a very young age. He has spent 45 years of his age in doing satsang and Celebrating sikh tradition by spreading the khalsa panth across sadh sangat. Lakhs of sikhs transformed their life and started following the Sri Guru Granth sahib ji. In 1999 ,on baisakhi day, around 11 thousand nectar aspirants took an oath to lead a life of Khalsa. Not only in Uttar Pradesh but in other states like Madhya Pradesh,Rajasthan,Gujarat, Orissa , Chhattisgarh many took an oath and participated in Amrit sanchar.
Baba ji performed his duties towards the mission whole heartedly and dedicatedly. Among his followers many learnt to do satsang and represented hisreflection.

Back to History

In 1958, Sant Baba Isher singh ji Rara Sahib visited Uttar Pradesh, and performed satsang in Moradabad. From Moradabaad, on the request of Sant Waryam Singh ji, Sant Baba Isher singh Ji came to his Anvariya farm tehsil Bilaspur. At that time Baba Isher Singh ji did satsang at many places in Bilaspur and Tarai. Baba Wariyam Singh ji requested Baba Isher singh that there is two acres of land here which you can bless and go for constructing a pious place so as to bring about welfare of the people of this place and the place itself.Looking at the land Maharaj ji said this place is going to rise and rise and bring about the positive transformations in the life of people here. HIS WORDS PROVED TO BE TRUE NOW.

Baba Gurdeep Singh ji left no stone unturned, Day and Night he worked to spread the teachings of Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and did amrit sanchar. Magnificent building of Gurudwara sahib was constructed at the pious place in Khubia nangal near Bilaspur. GURUDWARA ISHER PARKASH KHUBIA NANGAL still stands there with the vision of EK PITA EKAS KE HUM BARIK and mission of gurmat ruhani mission, PEEVAHU PAHUL KHANDEDHAR HOE JANAM SUHELA. Lakhs of devotees seek blessings and participate in celebrating the traditions of Guru sahib ji. They keep faith in Shri Guru Granth Sahib ji and his teachings.

In 1968, sant Baba Wariyam SInghji maharaj requested Sant Baba Isher Singh ji maharaj to bless the land in Uttar Pradesh so that it gets sold off. This place has a curse and there are no true Sikhs here. Here the granthi sikhs consume liquor and do prayers. Followers too eat meat and consume liquor. They don’t mind stealing and killing animals for food. I am all alone. Maharaj ji from Rara Sahib listened to everything carefully and closed his eyes for sometime. Slowly opened his eyes and made an announcement that, “You people will not be able to manage the true sikhs(sangat). There will be too many in number singing praises of the almighty. Better not sell the land. I will also visit this place to see the God’s People.

After sometime Sant Baba Wariyam Singh JI started satsang in U.P. One diwan(satsang) was arranged in Gurudwara Sahib Gol Market in Rudrapur. Baba Gurdeep Singh ji reached there and noticed that only one of tongs(chimta) was being played in satsang and the other one was lying nearby. He picked up and started playing. After satsang Sant Ji asked Baba Gurdeep Singh Ji ,where did you learn to play tongs from. Baba ji said my father used to do satsang in Pakistan, I learnt from him. Sant Ji said-“great, now you can serve in our band (Jatha).” From that day onwards Baba Gurdeep Singh Ji started participating in sewa and handled sound speakers and playing chimta in satsang. Many sikhs from that place accompanied. Sant Baba Wariyam Singh ji along with Kirtan Band started doing satsang at the houses of sangat. The expenses made on satsang were managed by sant ji himself. The sound system and the instruments were kept at Bhai Maan Singh, a famous ironsmith in Bilaspur. This is how the satsangs started there. Many people started attending the satsang from distant places.
There was satsang by Sant Baba Wariyam Singh ji, at village Ghanora farm tehsil Bilaspur . Baba Gurdeep Singh JI was accompanied by his elder brother Baba Lakhbir Singh Ji, after Satsang Sant Ji called Baba Gurdeep Singh Ji and said,” Who is with you”? He said Maharaj Ji! my elder Brother, Bhai Lakhbir Singh Ji.

On that day Sant JI asked them to attend and participate in every satsang. From that day onwards both the brothers started attending and serving in the satsang at different places headed by Sant Baba Wariyam SInghJi.
In the year 1973, on the humble request of Sant Baba Wariyam SInghJi, Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji from Rara Sahib agreed to do Satsang Diwan at UP and Tarai with his holy words and did amrit sanchar. It was a journey that continued for 45 days, starting from 26 Jan to 11 March. Out of which 14 days satsang was done in a ground of Ganna society in Bilaspur. Sangat participated with full enthusiasm and in big numbers. On the last day Amrit Sanchar was done by the Jattha and around 650 Sikhs transformed themself by taking an oath to follow the path of sikh principles. Sant Baba Isher Singh ji stayed at Balwant Farm and stay arrangements were made by Baba Wariyam SInghJi. People in big number used to come for seeking blessings from Sant Ji, one by one they were allowed to visit Baba ji ,all came with some or the other pains, some of them wanted a son,some were suffering from some diseases wanted to heal with sant ji’s blessings,some asked for finding ways to do naam-simran. Thousands of people received ample of love and blessings from Sant Baba Isher Singh JI Maharaj.

At Balwant farm Baba Wariyam SinghJi came to visit Sant Baba Isher Singh JI along with Baba Gurdeep Singh Ji and Baba Lakhbir Singh Ji making a request to bless both the brothers, and told that both of them are the part of my kirtan band. They greeted Babaji and received lots of blessings in the form of stage dhul(charan dhul). Bless them in all ways.
Sant Baba Isher Singh JI said, both of you must attend the satsang, Guru Maharaj Ji is waiting for you to serve a lot. Both of you have to do lots of sewa. You are my beloved sons, keep strength to serve and get the blessings of Guru Maharaj Ji. Happily, a lot of conversations took place. At that time Sant Baba Wariyam SInghJi started doing satsang on Pious Panchami at Bisharat Nagar. The satsang used to get initiated by the kirtan from both the brothers.
In village Nawab Nagar, at bhai Naseeb Singh Ji’s place, Sant Baba Wariyam Singh Ji said to sangat-“the seed of satsang is sown by Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji from Rara Sahib, in Bilaspur, this place is blessed. We all need not to worry. We need not to worry about anything now. HE himself will take care of the sapling and plant of satsang. This plant will grow at many places in the form of satsang. Not only Rampur but other places will also be blessed with satsang.” Then he announced that I would be selling the land here and will go back to Chandigarh to continue the sewa of satsang there. This Place will be served by these two brothers, Baba Gurdeep Singh Ji and Baba Lakhbir Singh Ji.
In 1978, October 31,the land of Anvariya Farm was sold and Sant Ji went to Chandigarh. After Chandigarh, Satsang and Sewa started in Ropar District too.

In 1986, Foundation of Gurdwara Isher Parkash Ratwara Sahib was laid by Sant Waryam Singh Ji. Baba Lakhbir Singh Ji started working in a sugar mill in Rudra Bilas. And the Satsang and Diwan were carried by Baba Gurdeep Singh Ji. He covered the entire UP and also at many other places with satsang and amrit sanchar. In 1986, before starting the sewa at ratwara sahib, Sant Baba Wariyam SInghji wrote a letter to Baba Lakhbir Singh Ji and asked him to come. Reading the letter Baba Lakhbir Singh JI immediately resigned from his Job and went to Chandigarh and joined in sewa with Maharaj Ji. In UP.

A sikh devotee sardar Balwant Singh Ji from Sawalapur, who had deep faith in God, donated his five acres of land to Baba Gurdeep Singh Ji. At Sawalapur only five acres of land was purchased by Baba Gurdeep Singh Ji. Total of 10 acres of land was owned by the Gurudwara Sahib Isher Parkash Khubiya Nangal. Sardar Jageer Singh had three sons,Sardar Karam Singh, Sardar Joginder Singh, and Sardar Santokh Singh;they collectively donated five acres of land to Baba Gurdeep Singh Ji. Later on Sangat cooperated and the land near Gurudwara Sahib was purchased.
After Some time Bhai Gurpal Singh requested Baba Gurdeep Singh Ji to give him 10 Acres of land at Swalapur. He was given this land. In the year 1988, Baba Gurdeep Singh Ji along with the Panj- Pyare, laid the foundation of Gurudwara Sahib, in Khubia Nangal. Mataji, Mata Balwinder kaur ji(sangat ke mata ji) along with five gursikhs went to Sri Ratwara Sahib and requested to bless the place Khubia Nangal so that the construction of the gurdwara Sahib Starts soon. Baba Wariyam SinghJi gifted a BRICK wrapped in a piece of white cloth with lots of blessing. Which was handed over to Baba Gurdeep Singh Ji.

In 2001, a new magnificent building of Gurudwara Sahib was constructed and the foundation was laid by Sant Baba Wariyam SInghJi along with panj pyare. This place has become a holy place where the sikh tradition is celebrated. On the 1st of every month, sangat gathers and satsang with kirtan takes place. People come from distant places to listen to the virtues and holy words from Adi Guru Granth Sahib Ji and participated in the melodious kirtan. Baba Gurdeep Singh Ji shared the message of God with sadh sangat. Amrit sanchar also takes place.

Guru Ka Langar is served to all the followers and to all who so ever visits gurudwara. Kirtan is taught to small children and they are preached with the Holy Gurbani. Everyone is treated equally. There is no discrimination. Love and brotherhood prevails amongst all the god’s people serving there. The Akhand Path sahib continues for 24*7and 365 days.

Not only in UP, but in Madhya Pradesh, Uttrakhand, Bihar, Delhi, Rajasthan, Orissa, Haryana, Punjab, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh and many other places were visited by Baba Gurdeep Singh Ji with the team of kirtan band to teach, preach the virtues and make people understand the exact meaning of being a true sikh and lead a life to contemplation. At all the places Amrit Sanchar was done. Baba Gurdeep Singh Ji was loved by sangat. By changing the lives of many people Baba Ji is also known as a true patriot and nation loving. Baba Ji, continued this satsang sewa abroad too, and service to Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaji continued with full enthusiasm.

In the year 1993, Baba Gurdeep Singh along with Kirtan Band reached district Shivpuri in Madhya Pradesh. In village Sarvaya after doing the grand satsang and amrit sanchar travelled to many places near and far and did satsang. In this region annually sixty satsangs were held followed by amrit sanchar. Baba ji covered many regions of Gwalior,Shivpuri, Ashoknagar, Guna, Vidisha, Bhopal, Bhind and blessed sangat with holy messages of Shri Guru Granth Sahib and transformed lives of people to contemplation. Amrit Sanchar was a very important part of every satsang. Babaji travelled to Rajasthan and served sangat with satsang and amrit sanchar at District Bara, Kota, Bundi. Thousands of sikh sangat were inspired and followed the principles of Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. The sangat requested Baba ji and the land of Ashoknagar in Madhya Pradesh was blessed with the pilgrimage Gurudwara Isher prakash Wariyam sar. A new magnificent Gurudwara Sahib was constructed on 14 acres of land. The foundation of the building was laid on 16 February 2004, along with the panj pyaras and Baba Gurdeep Singh Ji Himself with his own hands. There is continuity of Sri Akhand path in the gurdwara sahib. Small children are taught to recite and chant the principles of Holy Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Kirtan training and practice is given to the enthusiastic learners. Every year, in the month of February in the spring season, Mahan Gurmat Samagam takes place. Where the followers participate from all the places of the country. On the last day of the satsang Amrit sanchar is also done.

All the sikh devotees who travel to Sach khand Sri Huzur Sahib visit Ashoknagar Gurudwara sahib to take a halt to take rest and seek blessings.Sangat of Ashoknagar is honoured to serve the devotees who land on pious place of Takneri at Gurudwara Sahib Isher Prakash Wariyam Sar. Some Inspirational Incidents of Baba Ji’s life
*One day Babaji went to Ramnagar on Tractor-trolley to cut wood. He was 18 years of age. There was a house nearby where a saint came who was very dedicated and a god devotee. When saint ji saw Babaji he gave the message to sangat/followers that no one knows this young Boy who is 18 years of age but in future he will be serving sikh sangat, he will celebrate Sikh tradition and will be well known for his spiritual/Ruhani powers. He had inherited his powers from his past, he will bring about a change in the world. Almighty takes the responsibility of sending his representatives to this planet to make it a peaceful place and work for the welfare of the human race by showing them the path of truth, purity, non-violence and service. The noble virtues of SIKH GURUS. He has also been sent by GOD.

*In the year 1984, October month. You all are well aware of the conditions.The entire family of Baba Gurdeep Singh Ji was at home and HE used to visit different places to do satsang. The sikh sangat who visited at home was served by the family. In 1984, a skeptic informed Punjab police that the family keeps militant Sikhs at home and serves them.

The police came to Babaji’s home early in the morning in Maniyar Kheda. They also brought the cops from Rampur. Before sunrise Police arrived. Police arrested Baba Gurdeep Singh Ji and Bapu Charan Singh Ji and took them to Rampur. Thanedaar said we wanted to keep you in jail but we will take you to Punjab. Baba Ji’s devotee, Palvinder Singh who was congress leader said to Thanedaar without making a Written evidence you cannot take them anywhere.

From Rampur Jail Baba Ji and Babu Ji were taken to court, police tried to put Handcuffs but three times it got open. Then Baba ji said, now you may put on the cuffs. After that Baba ji and Bapu Ji were kept in Rampur jail. Few days later Punjab police took them to Punjab. While leaving for Punjab Baba Ji said to Palvinder Singh,you helped me here, you will be helped in PARLOK.

When Palvinder Singh died, Baba ji was sitting in intense concentration(Samadhi), after sometime he came out and said Bhai Palvinder Singh is no more, he is blessed in PARLOK.
Baba Gurdeep Singh Ji was taken near tarn taran sahib for hearing by Punjab Police. Thanedaar there was an oppressor. He killed 6 sikhs for no reason.
Baba Lakhbir Singh visited BabaJi and Bapu Ji in jail.Baba Ji gave him the message of Maharaj Isher Singh Ji, Rara Sahib; DSP Tarn Taran is from Barsena in Bilaspur, If you go and meet him , he will definitely help you. Immediately Baba Lakhbir Singh Ji met DSP Tarn Taran and told everything to him. He immediately made a wireless call and said you people have caught the people of my family, beware if you touch them. Police said, let our DSP come who brought them from UP.That DSP arrived, he took everyone in remand. Then it was BabaJi’s turn as usual he was chanting the Gurubani..
ताती वाउ न लगई पारब्रहम सरणाई।।
चउगिरद हमारै रामकार दुखु लगै न भाई।।

When it was Baba ji’s turn for remand DSP received a message from his home and immediately had to leave. Then after a long time when Baba Gurdeep Singh Ji went to Kota(Rajasthan) to do satsang ,there came the daughter of the DSP,she cried a lot. She said many of our family members died, we have suffered a lot, please forgive us.

Here, Baba Gurdeep Singh Ji and Bapu Charan Singh had to appear in court on November 1, a day before October 31st, Indian acting Prime Minister got assassinated., so everyone said that the court would remain closed. Baba Ji said, take us to court. Jailer was impressed with the Baba Gurdeep Singh Ji at that time. He obeyed the instructions of BabaJi and took them to court. In court Judge Harnaam Das who was very honest brought the bail certificate outside the court.The Judge made an announcement that Baba Gurdeep Singh Ji and Bapu Charan Singh Ji are innocent and acquitted by the court. Handcuffs were removed from the hands of Baba Gurdeep Singh Ji and Bapu Charan Singh ji.

After getting relieved from court ,BabaJi with others went to the Sri Hari Mandir Sahib to pay the gratitude .After that all wanted to come back but Baba Ji said,we must go to rara sahib to do sewa for nine days. But others insisted to go home. On 2nd nov all started to come home but due to the odd circumstances at that time, they had to stay in sirhind for some days, they all reached home after the ninth day.
*One day, when we were doing third afternoon satsang in Gahloia village near district Banda, the voice stopped while reciting Shri Anand Sahib. He gestured with the hand to the sangat to read Shri Anand Sahib and Guru Ustotra (praise). Take it. After having Ardas, wrote on the paper to the companions and told that today it has been fifteen days, which I did not see resting.
While walking in the jeep, take some rest, apply Diwan and drink nectar. You ji were not able to speak anything. He started treatment at PGI Hospital. The treatment continued for three months but the voice did not return. For three months Baba Ji continued to serve Ratwara Sahib.
During the same time, Rudi (desi manure) was to be poured in the land of Ratwara Sahib, the service performed by Baba Ji at that time was astonishing. G completed it in two days.
Continued to serve but could not speak. The doctor treated him in every way but it did not make any difference. You kept on reading Gurbani at night. When it was one o'clock in the night, the people of Shri Huzoor Sant Baba Ishar Singh Maharaj Ji Rada Sahib had darshan. lamps; Gave a capsule and promised to eat it.
The taste of that capsule was felt like cream of milk. After that Baba Ji started speaking.
*Once upon a time, Baba ji went to establish Diwan at Urlana base in Haryana, a young man came to meet him. He had memorized the Gurbani very much. That brother had become arrogant about this. He started saying - Baba Ji, no one remembers Gurbani as much as me.
Baba ji promised - It is very good, you listen to satsang for five days. Baba Ji continued to recite Gurbani with full meaning among the deewans. In the fifth and last dewan, the same young man took the mike and said - Sadhsangat ji should never be arrogant. My ego has also been broken. Guru Granth Sahib Ji was memorized.
*One day in 1977, Maharaj Ji and Sant Baba Gurdeep Singh Ji of Ratwara Sahib were sitting under Pakhar in Anwaria Farm. Baba ji requested - Maharaj ji! Grace is of Guru Maharaj ji. At that time, Sahaj Path was kept at home. Maharaj Ji of Ratwada Sahib made a promise - let's hear the voice.
Maharaj ji read one line from Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji, Baba Gurdeep Singh ji would recite the second line without seeing it. Twenty-twenty limbs used to narrate the word, the feeling that Shriman Sant Baba Gurdeep ji was blessed with immense blessings of Akal Purakh Wahiguru ji.
These are things beyond comprehension.

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