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Gurudwara Isher Prakash Wariyam Sar Pawargarh Ashoknagar(M.P.)

In the year 1993, ShrimanSant Baba Gurdeep Singh Ji Maharaj reached Shivpuri for the first time for the betterment of the people of this area.

कबीरसेवाकउदुइभले एकुसंतुइकुरामु।।

He visited Ashoknagar in 1996 while doing satsang every year. He went door-to-door and motivated the sangat. Baba Ji used to read this belief among the Diwans often –“Kavankutteyantegadeyan di junipaengejinan ne guru dhareya”. Bhai AmritChhako- Singh Sajo, the Amrit – Abhilashisangat started enrolling. Baba Ji used to read this in the form of Sabad War.

रामकलीवारपातशाहीदसवें की हरिसॅचे तखतरचाइआसतसंगतमेला।
नानकनिरभउनिरंकार विच सिधां खेला।
गुरसिमरमनाईकालका खंडे की वेला।
पीवहुपाहुल खंडेधारहोइजनमसुहेला।
गुरसंगतकीनी खालसामनमुखीदुहेला।

Thereafter Amrit Sanchar would be done. At the time when there were 5000 Sikhs in Ashoknagar, out of them thirty five hundred beings became gurus’ by drinking nectar. Then in 2004, Sikh Sangat requested Baba ji to make Gurughar here. Name of those Gursikhs- S.MukhtiyarSingh, S. Gurmukh Singh, S. Pal Singh, S. Joga Singh, S. Balveer Singh. Baba Ji accepted the request and laid the foundation stone by taking five Singhs along with him.

In this Gurudwara Sahib, Shri Akhnad Path Sahib as well as Shri Japu Ji Sahib goes on continuously at all times in the Darbar Sahib. Continuous Simran is going at this Holy place. There are residential rooms for the sangat to stay.

There is a big Diwan Hall, where every year GurmatSamagam and Amrit Sanchar takes place. Here Satsang is held on 5th of every month. Every Sunday Sangat recites Sri Sukhmani Sahib. Here Guru Parvs and religious festivals are celebrated time to time.

Every year from village Nadalo of Sant Baba Nidhan Singh ji; the Nagar Kirtan Shri Huzur Sahib jiNanded, night rest is done at GurudwaraIsher Prakash Variamsar. The group area Sikh Sangat considers it their privilege to serve with great love and enthusiasm.

Baba Ji, through his lotus, planted endless trees for the purity of the environment, in which peepal, banyan, berry, teak, Ashok, well, amla, mango orchard, neem etc. are prominent. Phulwadi has also been installed. Baba Ji was strictly against cutting any tree.

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